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SNUBA is not for sale. It is a licensed, underwater touring program offered by authorized SNUBA recreational centers that will excite and delight your guests! SNUBA is an exceptional underwater family activity and the perfect alternative to Snorkeling and Scuba Diving! If you’re interested in providing SNUBA tours to your guests, please take a moment to tell us a little bit about your operation!


SNUBA International, Inc. and its licensed SNUBA Recreational Centers around the world represent the largest affiliated dive operation in the world.

SNUBA Recreational Centers have introduced millions worldwide to their first underwater experience, inspiring
respect and awe of this fragile and magnificent environment.

SNUBA Recreational Centers conduct as many as 2,500 SNUBA divers per day.

Many of the largest diving operations in Hawaii, the Pacific and Caribbean are SNUBA Recreational Centers.

SNUBA Guides throughout the world have some of the highest incomes of resort diving professionals.

SNUBA International offers worldwide professional liability insurance coverage for all of its staff of SNUBA Guide professionals.

SNUBA participants are mainly first time divers with basic swimming skills and/or snorkeling experience.

The minimum age for a SNUBA participant is 8 years old. SNUBA Doo is available to children ages 6 to 8.

The SNUBA dive system is not offered for sale and can only be experienced through licensed SNUBA Recreational Centers who provide guided supervision.

Some of the most successful SNUBA operations are found aboard snorkel boats where guest are offered the option to Go Beyond Snorkeling with the SNUBA experience.

The cost of becoming a SNUBA licensee is very affordable and financial results are realized almost immediately.

Tell us about your operation!

For more information Licensing SNUBA and becoming a Licensed Recreational Center, contact SNUBA by phone at (530) 677-3483 or by email at [email protected]