SNUBA® Success Stories

Tilden’s Scuba Center

Over 30 years ago, Tilden and I opened our first dive shop to share our love of the underwater world. Being avid divers and wanting to introduce others to this fabulous adventure, we discovered SNUBA!!!

It is so exciting to take people on an under seas experience with the SNUBA program as our foundation. The training is easy, yet comprehensive, and it is less time consuming than classes and pool work. Actually there is no work involved, just fun! It is also quite easy to sell.

We have been members of the SNUBA family for 10 years and have taken out literally thousands of participants on our boats. The feedback is always positive with the rewards evident financially. A large percentage of our guests even return for a repeat trip with other family members or sign up for a full certification course.

We are very happy with the SNUBA program and would love to talk about it to anyone who would like to hear about our success story!

Sally @ Tilden’s Scuba Center


SNUBA of Key West

Having been a diver for most of my life, I have always dreamed of working in the diving industry. I joined the corporate world after college and spent 25 years working to pay bills, all the while dreaming about working on the water. I began a search for a business that would enable me to do what I love, while maintaining an income that would allow me to meet my financial goals.

My search turned up a business for sale called SNUBA of Key West. I traveled to Key West to check it out and speak with the license owner. Seeing the business in action was all that I needed. I realized that my many years of experience managing projects and people would be a perfect fit. I was so motivated that I even sold my house in a down market in March of 2010 to close the deal.

When I left Pennsylvania in January 2010 to pursue this dream, I said to my friends that my hope is to look back in a year’s time and be able to say that this was the best thing I’ve ever done. Now, more than a year later, I can do that!! That’s not to say it’s without its challenges (I’d never even owned a boat), but luckily being part of a developed program with licensing support, I have all the assistance I need to work through many of the issues I’ve encountered. With so many locations worldwide, SNUBA has seen and heard it all, and can guide you in the right direction.

Sophia Roth
SNUBA of Key West



Desde el año 2000 iniciamos la experiencia del SNUBA en el INSTITUTO ACUATICO XEL-HÁ. Los resultados han sido alentadores y las experiencias de los turistas que han vivido esta aventura han sido maravillosas. Esto nos hace pensar que vale la pena que más turistas experimenten SNUBA.

En sus inicios la actividad de mas demanda era el snorkel, y poco a poco fue creciendo el deseo de realizar la actividad de SNUBA en los visitantes, al día de hoy tenemos más de 40,000 visitantes que ya han realizado la actividad con nosotros y han vivido una experiencia única e inigualable en nuestra maravilla natural y hemos sembrado el deseo de realizar su certificación de buceo a nivel profesional.

En 2009 se incorporo la actividad de SNUBA Cenote en el parque, de una idea de aprovechar la naturaleza de los cenotes, en conjunto con Jim Mayfield. Hoy en día Xel-Há es el único lugar que tiene realizando el SNUBA en Cenotes donde el visitante puede explorar cavernas de forma segura y fácil, el participante no requiere certificación SCUBA EN CAVERNAS, ni experiencia previa en buceo; ni siquiera experiencia en Snorkel. Solo requiere tener las habilidades básicas de natación y el deseo de explorar el mundo subacuático.

Ya casi un año de operar el SNUBA Cenote se han realizado 7,805 actividades, donde el visitante queda maravillado de la experiencia vivida gracias al equipo SNUBA que le facilita adentrarse al mundo subacuático de los cenotes.

En 2010 fuimos galardonados con el premio Reef Alliance por los esfuerzos de transmitir la conservación de los Mares en los niños de las escuelas primarias de los poblados cercanos a nuestro parque Xel-Há y ayudar a mitigar el impacto ambiental.

Raul Cocom Peña
Actividades Recreativas


Overcoming Your Fears

Every day there is a boat that goes out with someone who is NOT happy to be on that trip. The pressure of family and friends can be a very strong thing. However, even stronger, is a person’s own will to overcome a fear. Any fear.

One beautiful day the boat I work on was headed for its regular excursion. I was the SNUBA (cross between snorkel and scuba) Guide that day. One of the passengers was a gentleman in his mid to late 50’s who, along with his daughter and son-in-law, was slated to dive. He seemed fine, but his daughter alerted us all to the fact that he was, indeed, quite nervous. Upon arriving at Molokini crater we geared him up for SNUBA. He was to be on his own raft (usually there are two to a raft). I was in the water waiting for him to enter and I swear that there was nothing but air between him and the water when he hit it and jumped back onto the boat. It was like watching his entrance in reverse instant replay. He was terribly frightened and was not, so it seemed, going to have anything at all to do with the water. I told him that his decision to even try when so nervous was to be commended and I turned to start the others on their SNUBA Adventure.

One of the crew calmed the man and somehow coaxed him back into the water and got him “power snorkeling” through the SNUBA breathing apparatus with the floatation aid of the raft. He led the gentleman over to me to join the rest of the tour and stayed with him as he continued to get used to the water and the breathing. Eventually, to our surprise, he asked the crew for a weight belt. He felt he was ready to give diving a try. The crew signaled to me what was taking place and I headed to assist the man in his dive.

He came down a few inches, and then surfaced. He relaxed a bit again and came down a few more inches. This continued throughout the remainder of the dive with his final depth being about ten feet. I was so proud of him, and he was very pleased with himself.

Back at the boat, as we were heading to our second destination, he stated that he sure would like to give SNUBA another shot if it would be okay. Well, I wasn’t about to stop him! He explained why this was so important to him: He had been a swimmer and felt very comfortable in the water when he was younger, but 20 years earlier he was in a terrible car accident that had landed his car UPSIDE DOWN in a lake. He survived the crash, but nearly drowned, and hasn’t been in the water since. He had been bound and determined during his trip to Maui to overcome his fear and get back into the water that he once loved so much. Thanks to his tenacity and the ease of the SNUBA experience, he certainly overcame THAT fear.

-Anne Clark
SRC Program Coordinator
Aqua Adventures
Maui, HI